How the latest Hikvision Motion Detection supports detection of real security threats faster

Security teams using traditional motion detection technologies regularly experience false alarms caused by everything from heavy rain to falling leaves, flowing water, or even passing wildlife. To help teams identify and respond to real security breaches faster, Hikvision has embedded its flagship AcuSense technology in its Motion Detection functionality, which supports identification of human and vehicle targets, and take security teams straight to the video evidence they need. 

Until recently, most systems with traditional motion detection used ‘pixel changes’ to trigger alerts. While this approach can pick up real security threats, like an intruder breaching a perimeter wall, there is also a high risk of false alarms. 

This is especially the case in ‘movement intensive’ environments, such as areas close to running water, busy roads, or farms where large animals roam. In these types of spaces, many motion detection systems are unable to distinguish between normal or expected movements and potential security threats – rendering them ineffective. 

Additionally, there’s the challenge of actually finding video evidence once a breach has occurred. In spaces where movement is constant, teams need to review every minute of footage manually – increasing workloads, frustration and – ultimately – costs as well. 

Changing the game with AcuSense-powered Motion Detection 2.0

To address the challenges, Hikvision has upgraded its Motion Detection with its AcuSense technology. This takes motion detection to the next level with features for distinguishing human beings and vehicles from other objects in any given environment, and tools to make video searches as smart and quick as possible. 

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